Welcome to Shanker Mukesh Caterers  

Shanker Mukesh Caterers is managed by qualified & experienced persons having a proven track record in this field. The company is managed in a professional way with adequate organization. The employees of the organization are trained.

Shanker Mukesh is engaged in the business of delicious food processing and catering business. It manufactures more than 250 items comprising of North Indian [Punjabi], Chinese, Mexican, Rajasthani-Gujarati dishes, Chaat, Sweets, Desserts, Soups, Fruit Juices, Shakes etc. All these food items are prepared as per our own traditional customs and procedures

Shanker Mukesh has been promoted by Shanker & Mukesh and his family who is engaged in the food and outdoor catering business for the many years.

Shanker Mukesh is known for its professional catering service with latest infrastructure, delicious and quality food prepared with utmost care in hygienic conditions.

Shanker Mukesh has specialized in outdoor catering for wedding and other occasions.